Are you thinking about new piercing, read this first, please.

Do not risk and don't do it on your own! Safe piercing is knowledge of human anatomy, sterilization, and hygiene. Taking care of your safety in our shop I always use the highest quality jewelry -> TITANIUM ASTM F136.
Tools and jewelry are prepared and sterilized in an autoclave earlier and opened only by the customer.
Before we will begin the procedure of piercing your body, you must answer a few questions and sign a piercing consent.

How will it looks like...


The first thing is to disinfect the place, designate a point where the piercing should come. When you accept a place we can move on and pierce your body. All tools and jewelry are well sterilized in an autoclave and packed in disposable bags. I unpack them in front of you. When you "walk in" without an appointment,  titanium basic jewelry in silver color will be put on.



Titanium is ideal for both initial body piercing and healed piercings as it is compliant with the EU Nickel Directive introduced in Europe in 2001. Grade Ti6AL-4V Titanium is biocompatible and has been used since the 1950s for medical implants. It is available in High Polish, which resembles Steel. It can also be anodized into a multitude of colors. Titanium is only half the weight of Steel, and twice stronger.

You can choose the  color of your new jewelry:  By Anodizing

Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts.
Titanium, niobium, zinc, magnesium, aluminum alloys, and tantalum are all metals that can be anodized.
The color that is formed is dependent on the thickness of the oxide (this is controlled by the anodizing voltage). The interference of light reflecting off the oxide layer with the light actually traveling through said layer and reflecting off the metal underneath is what determines the color you see.
Copper, gold, green, purple, fuchsia and yellow are just a few of the colors that can be achieved through the anodization of titanium;
We can anodize Titanium in several brilliant colors.
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For piercing you will need:
*18+: Need I.D. * * *
*less than 16 years old/ or 16 years old: MUST HAVE: School photo document or I.D., must be accompanied by Parent/Legal Guardian. NOT JUST SOMEONE OVER 18. A parent must have I.D. with photo. WILL NOT HAVE: NIPPLES, DERMALS EVEN WITH PARENTAL ACCOMPANY/PERMISSION. 
Contact me to make an appointment or visit 

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